Basic, low hydrogen electrodes

EVB 50

Basic, CTOD tested electrode with excellent welding characteristics, recommended for welding structural steels and steel castings with tensile strength up to 610 N/mm2 and finegrained steels with increased yield strength. Metal recovery about 118 %. Deposits have very low hydrogen contents (HD < 5 ml/100 g).

EVB 55

Basic, CTOD-tested electrode, particularly suitable for welding high strength low-alloy steels. Electrode has excellent welding properties, it has good slag removal and minimum spatter. The weld metal is very resistant to hot cracking, has good low temperature impact strength and low hydrogen content.

EVB 45

Basic electrode for welding particularly in vertical down positions of root runs with or without backing plates.

EVB 47

Basic electrode with lower tensile strength and increased yield strength, therefore suitable for welding rigid constructions.


Doublecoated, basic CTOD-tested electrode with excellent welding properties in difficult positions. It has stable welding arc. Very suitable for welding root-runs with DC and AC current.


Basic electrode for welding structural steels also in thin plates; insensitive to impurities in base material.


Basic electrode for exclusive use for one side welding of pipes and general structure. Low hydrogen type electrode, good arc stability. Performed one side welding with relatively low currents, good slag detachability and smooth weld beads.  

PRODUCTS 2560-A  2560-B  A-5.1 / 5.5* 
EVB 50 E 42 4 B 32 H 5 E 49 18 A E 7018
EVB 55 E 42 6 B 32 H5 E 49 18-P1 A E 7018-1
EVB EXTRA E 42 2 B 12 H10 E 49 A6-P1 A E 7016
EVB 45 E 42 2 B 32 H5 E 49 18-P1 A E 7016
EVB 47 E 38 2 B 32 H5 E 43 18 A  6018
EVB S E 42 4 B 12 H10 E 49 16 A E 7016
GALEB 50 E 42 2 B 32 H5 E 49 16 A E 7016
EVB K E 42 2 B 12 H5 ~E 49 16-P1 H5 E 7016

Renata Hočevar

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