Social responsibility

We practice social responsibility based on a long-term strategy of sustainable development of the SIJ Group. We employ more than 160 people at our location in Jesenice and we have a very wide network of business partners and other involved parties with whom we collaborate on a daily basis.
When adopting business decisions we always take into consideration the interests of a wider circle of involved parties, primarily our employees, buyers, suppliers and local environments. Our operating activities are founded on ethical practices, sustainable development and care for a healthy environment.
Because we are a part of the local environment, we take care of cohabitation with the residents, contribute to the development of social activities, facilitate development of prospective extra-curricular activities and contribute to a better quality of life.
In cooperation with the municipality of Jesenice and the municipal utility company JEKO-IN, we restored the decrepit retaining wall along the main road through Jesenice. This is how we prevented the decrepit parts of the wall from falling off and contributed to a more pleasant environment.