Research & development

We see great research and development potential in cooperating with companies within the SIJ group. The mutual goal is to form a complete range, which will include the filler material for welding and consulting about welding technology in addition to the base material. We have established a few cooperative synergy projects based on this direction:

  • We are cooperating with the Acroni company on the project of developing clad sheeting. The goal is to find suitable filler materials and sell them on the market along with their steel.
  • We have established cooperation in the field of welding thick stainless pipes with the Acroni company and we therefore plan to buy a production line for manufacturing stainless welding wires in the next term. 
  • We began developing suitable filler materials for building up tool steels with the company RSC Ravne. We have already developed suitable products specifically for this purpose.

On the project of cored wires, we are focusing on developing the entire technology set and increasing production capacities at the final stage of cored wire drawing. The goal is to improve the quality of the surface of the wire and thusly the weldability and flow. Our investment plan includes the purchase of additional equipment for cleaning the wire surface.
In the field of coated electrodes, we developed an electrode for welding microalloyed steels, which should help us achieve better welding properties. We are planning to increase the extent of sales of alloyed basic electrodes to demanding buyers by improving quality.